Words of wisdom: the business of officiating.

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I have read many comments about officials need to have a feel for the game and consistency.

So lets look at business of officiating.

Every official should have, based on their own Character a support level. This is based on your own  standards and acceptance of what you will NOT  allow players and coaches to do in a game. The Support level is non negotiable.  Examples may be that you will not allow swearing, visual or verbal descent, trash talking etc.

Resistance level is based on the players abilities. In some games contact is penalised quickly while in other games players can ride contact. The resistance level is determined by the Officials and how the game in front of them is developing. So in essence, officials may allow a level of contact which doesn’t impact on the play or cause material disadvantage to players.

Its totally upto officials to determine where to place both the Support and the resistance levels.

Once you do, to maintain your integrity as an official, don’t divert from your high standards . This will earn you respect and trust from players and coaches.






This is the movement of a share price, it may also reflect the flow of a game.

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