Words of Wisdom: Red, Yellow or Grey Ferrari ?

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I have always had a soft spot for beautiful classic cars and have owned many of them.

Ask any group of people which colour of Ferrari they would like and the type of interior,  there will be a wide range of choices.

When creating a classic car, the designers always had a brief, from the Ford Mustang, Citroen 2CV, Aston Martin, Lotus, Ferrari, Porsche etc., you choose your favourite

Once the brief was addressed the working parts of the final product was always a compilation of parts from other cars that existed.

“ If it exists, why spend the time and money inventing it”  said Colin Chapman, the Founder of Lotus Cars when the Lotus Elan was designed and built. ( one of the best Front wheel drive cars ever built with parts from over 6 different car manufacturers)

Look at any beautiful car today, everything based on 2 specific things, The Finer Details and then the Big Picture. Once you get the right combination of the 2, a classic is born.

What has  Design and Construction of high performance classic cars got to do with Officiating ?

It’s very simple, the Finer working Details already exist. Watch experienced officials and pick the part(s) of their performance you like and those that fit with the type of referee you want to be.

Add the details to your own construction and soon a big picture of a high performance referee will be born.



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