Why a 3po camp and is it interesting if I never do 3po??

In recent days some people have gotten in touch with us to hit us with the same question. It might be useful to share the question and our answer with you guys. In general the question was: Is it useful for me if I never get to do 3po games to participate in a 3po camp?

Why 3po?
The first thing we’d like to point out is why we’ve chosen for 3po. At officiatingscool.nl we are on the same page as FIBA when it comes to: What’s best for officiating. With a crew of three you get the best angles on plays, best coverage of the court and that way you are able to make the best decision possible.
We’d like to add something to that. We think officiating is cool. You probably guessed that already. And if you can be on court with 2 others who feel the same way as you do, why would you settle for only one?

‘What if I never get to do 3po?’
Probably a lot of our readers will never get to do 3po games. In most countries (as far as we know) 3 person officiating is used only in the higher leagues. That is absolutely a fact, and an understandable question. The thing is that by working in 3-men crews for some days will make you become more aware of the importance of being in the right place to see what you have to see. And a lot of things are the same for two person crews as for 3 person crews: personal fouls, Unsportsmanlike fouls, violations, coaches or players giving you a hard time. The coaches in our camp will you get better in those areas too, so you will benefit without a doubt.

Never getting into a 3po game by the way is hard to predict. Our founder Bas Hendriks went to a 3po camp in Berlin in 2004, without a real soon future for a 3po crew. ‘After the first game of the new season the manager of the hometeam approached me: do you know 3po? Our men’s elite team has a game tomorrow and I’m still looking for refs’  Needless to say he accepted the challenge.

One of the participants in the first edition Merve Aslan (only 19 years old back then) adds:’I was not very sure I’d get an opportunity to do 3po after that camp, but in the summer following that camp I got called up for a preparation game of our boys u16 national team who were on their way to the Europeans. I started a bit rusty because there were like four months in between, but after five minutes or so I was back on track’  So one never knows when it comes in handy!

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  1. Hmm …..

    Dear old friend.
    Sentiments … yesterday when i was youngg from greate schachemoooo Charleszz Aznavour.

    *edited and replied in person*

    Yeszzzz .. i do agree with u deare friend … future off officiating is 3- PO at ANY level.

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