What’s your call?

People that are capable of reading french are kindly asked to keep their keyboards to themselves, but this one is nice clip the guys of Refmate have put up.

What will be you call and why?

2 gedachten aan “What’s your call?”

  1. It is a normal foul as our colleaguesss on the court did call.Why should have be an U-foul new styl?? if the def. player shoud have not make this foul ..had the off. player a ..any chanceszzz make a basket ??? noooo way hoseeee. keep look at the clip and u will see that are many deff. players behind the ball. This is an ouuuldddd .. like mee … an OLD YUGO foul. scharpp the new styl U-faul. Does not bring any thing to improvve the play on the court to make it faster an spectacualirrrr. Eeehhh .. who is me ..u knoww

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