What will you guys call?? #ourdecision

A few days ago we had this clip and asked you what you guys would call. The answers were almost unanymous, and that’s a good sign. We’re creating a certain level of constancy here.

The clip turned out to have an obvious offensive foul. The player dribbling is creating contact with his left shoulder perhaps in order to get his opponent called for an unsportsmanlike or something like that. The blocking foul called is not the way to go in this situation. As stated in the IoT manual provided by FIBA there are some IoT’s that should be applied. The ref is running while making the call (not stationary as he should be), too close to the play (no proper distance) and is picking his position on the wrong side. If he would have gone towards the line between both baskets instead of the baseline he would have had the open angle to the play to make the right call.

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