Two shots or baseline?

We all know that a personal foul committed on a player in the act of shooting merites freethrows right? The point where an Act of Shooting begins is a bit less clear to some people. You often hear stuff like: ‘He was in his 2 steps’ or likewise. That my dear readers, is not the rule! The situation in the clip is difficult. Certainly if you don’t have IRS available to check the situation again. Still, major heads up to our man Sam Subby who has done an amazing job in clipping the worldcup.

Eén gedachte over “Two shots or baseline?”

  1. First off all .. for Officiatingscool ..

    It is THE GREATE BIGG GREY WOLFF … and not greyy wolff.

    In this situation 2 shots noo doubtt. Does not matther who or how a player make anattempt to the basket .. shooting act and yesszzz the ball is … in this situation the offens player get a great pass ..assist and he was allready eaming to get a revers shooting. A greate call by this reff in the passed World Cup whoooooooo ..the reffs over there was noooooooo gooooooooood.

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