Tournament Talk

Basketballseason 2021-2022 is far from over, but playoffs are taking place here and there, so we are heading towards the final pages of this edition. A great way to finish your season is tournament such as The Zehlendorf Tournament in Berlin.

It will be the 36th edition of the Zehlendorf Berlin Pentecost Tournament that will take place this year. Teams from all over Europe gather in Berlin to put a nice ending to a sometimes long season. In three days, that more often than not are rather sunny the teams square off in the gyms of Zehlendorf. The tournament mixes 2po and 3po games and refs get their nominations through a nice tournament app that is quite a cool upgrade over the prints some organisations hand out during tournament days.

There’s a groupschat on whatsapp to fix last minute incidents in planning, and everybody is really cool and relaxed. Yes, that goes for teams sometimes too, so be prepared for games where the signal you make most is ‘threepoint attempt’

Evenings in Berlin where the temperature is like 20+ degrees are quite a delight. So if you don’t have plans for Pentecost, drop us an e-mail and we’ll get you in touch with the LOC. See you there!

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