Tournament Talk (5)

As promised before we’d talk a little about tournaments. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right? Last time we talked about the Pentecost tournament in Berlin. Fast forward to July 2nd  as the Summer Tournament in Kaposvar Hungary takes place.

The tournament is open to referees who meet the following requirements:

Minimum of 18 years old
Have a referee license in his/her home country’s basketball association

What we offer to the referees:
Participation at the INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival
Participation at all programs of the INTERSPORT Youth Basketball Festival
4-5 games / day with one day off
Accommodation in hostel for 6 nights
Full board, starting with dinner on 2 July, 2020 and finishing with breakfast on 8 July, 2020
One free entry ticket to the Aqua Park in Kaposvár, Hungary
Free usage of public transportation and festival buses during the tournament
Great games, international atmosphere!

Sounds like a hell of a way to spend your summer holiday if you ask me! So Let us know if you want to join in!

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