Tournament Announcements (1)

Quincy Dom en Bram de Vries in Kortrijk, photo: Philip de Koker

As promised before we’d talk a little about tournaments. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right?

In Kortrijk Belgium this year will show the 14th edition of the Coca Cola X-Mas tournament . The tournament takes place on december 27, 28 and 29th and has great facilities and awesome teams.   Teams from over 30 different countries will participate, including the USA and Canada.

All games will be led by 2 of 3 referees and a FIBA referee clinic is organized during the tournament. Participants, who all are part of the FIBA talent pool will officiate the Men U19 games.

International candidates can apply to be a part of the tournament officials team by contacting the organizer. The referee coordinator decides the number of international referees. The referees accepted will be hosted under the same circumstances as the other tournament officials: Full board but please keep in mind: there are no fees paid to the officials.

If you are interested you can send Bart Coussement an e-mail on

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