The Challenge!

As coach Nick from Bball Breakdown would say: ‘there you have it sportsfans.’ We will be working with a Headcoach challenge from now on. But don’t get your hopes up too high, it won’t be in all leagues.
Still interesting to check out the new rule.

F.1 Head coach’s challenge
F.1.1 In all games where the Instant Replay System (IRS) is used the head coach may request a head coach’s challenge, i. e. ask the nearest referee to verify the decision of referees by using the IRS to review the game situation.
F.1.2 For the head coach’s challenge the following procedure shall apply:
· The head coach shall be granted only one head coach’s challenge in a game, regardless of whether the challenge is successful or not.
· Only the game situations as in the Appendix F.3 may be challenged.
· The time restrictions within Appendix F.3 do not apply. The head coach’s challenge may be requested at any time in the game.
· The head coach requesting a challenge shall establish visual contact with the nearest referee and ask clearly for his/her head coach`s challenge. He/she shall say loudly in English “challenge” and at the same time show the head coach’s challenge signal (drawing a rectangular with the hands). The request shall be final and irreversible.
· The head coach must request the challenge and the review must take place at the latest when the referees have stopped the game for the first time after the decision.
· If the game continued without a stoppage the referees are authorised to stop the game immediately when they recognise a head coach’s challenge unless neither team shall be placed at a disadvantage.
· The head coach shall indicate to the nearest referee the game situation to be reviewed.
· The referee shall notify the scorer, using his/her signal No. 58 that the head coach’s challenge has been granted.
· During the review the players shall remain on the court.
· If the review provides the challenged decision is in favour of the requesting team the initial decision shall be overturned.
· If the review provides the challenged decision is not in favour of the requesting team the initial decision shall remain.
· The referees shall use the same procedure as in the review rule.
After the referee has reported the final decision of the review, the game shall be resumed as after any review

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