The Answer! Where to continue?

Earlier this week we had a post about a situation with a double Unsportsmanlike foul. Judging from the number of answers that was wrong it’s worth the time of grabbing the rulebook. Here is once again the situation.Let’s see what OBRI has to say.

Art 35-1:  A foul may be personal, unsportsmanlike, disqualifying or technical. To be considered a double foul, both fouls must be players fouls and must be in the same category. Either both are personal fouls, or both are any combination of unsportsmanlike and disqualifying fouls. The double foul must involve physical contact

So, this stiuation with a double U-foul applies to the rule of double fouls. That’s good to know. Does OBRI say anything about double U-fouls?

Yes it does!

35-10 a: a1 dribbles when A1 and B1 are charged with a foul committed on each other at approximately the same time. Both fouls are unsportsmanlike fouls

So how to proceed??

Let’s get back to OBRI:

In all cases, the two fouls are of the same category, therefore it’s a double foul. The game shall be resumed with a team A throw-in from the place nearest to where the double foul occured.

That means that in the situation we saw unfold in the game, despite the ball being in front court, we go back to back court where the both players that received the U-foul where on the moment of the call!

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