Are we calling a violation?

When taking on a big task, such as officiating a basketballgame, it’s important we do the simple things right. Violations often get neglected, and that’s a terrible waste of opportunities that can get you and your teammates with the whistle on the right wave in the game. Check out the play below and let’s see if we have a backcourt violation yes or no?
Lees verder “Are we calling a violation?”

Moving pick yes or no

Whereas Movenpick is something we really like at headquarters, moving picks are something we need to be aware of and take care off accordingly. What do you guys think of this situation: Moving pick yes or no? And to make it clear: we’re talking about the ballscreen here. Lees verder “Moving pick yes or no”

What do you have?? -27-

We’re taking you back to a game we watched some time ago. The blue player penetrates in transition, and then…. you tell us. Is it a defensive foul, offensive foul? Or would you rather go for a no call?? As always: please share the reasoning behind your decision. Lees verder “What do you have?? -27-“