Smart players, what do you do?

It won’t come as a surprise but: smart players often try to outsmart us referees. And let’s be honest, sometimes they do. Same goes for coaches! Once at the start of a quarter the coach of the hometeam came to me: I want a time-out. I told him time should have been running in order to grant him that time out and we talked a bit while the assistant coach was talking to the team. After like a minute the coach that had come to me said: okay thanks, and went back to his bench. The team yelled and came on court. Coach smiling and I was smiling too: he had tricked me! Good job coach!! In the following clip a player tries tricking our colleagues into something big: unsportsmanlike foul, but is it on the act of shooting or not?? And do you agree on the U-call? Tell us how you feel and tell us why! Thanks again Sam Subby for the cool clip! 

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