Scoring on your own basket and getting a U foul along

Time to get together!

Scoring on your own basket is bad. But sometimes it happens by accident. We stumbled upon a clip of a team that scored on their own basket from threepointrange. Wowzers! We’re talking worldcup here!

As we were checking and rechecking the situation one of our editors jokingly said: what if the defending team commits a U foul and the basket goes in. Time to share the clip!

Some things are going wrong here as you might notice ­čÖé

* Wrong team gets handed the ball on the baseline. Is that a correctable error?
* The wrong team handed the ball commits a backcourt violation. Is that a correctable error?

Lets assume all of our readers say: No it’s not correctable. Because as you can see in article 44 there are five kinds of correctable errors:

Failure to award a merited free throw.
Awarding an unmerited free throw.
Permitting the wrong player to attempt a free throw.
Attempting a free throw at the wrong basket.
Erroneously counting or canceling a score.

So now we have a player hitting a threepointer on her own basket. Nothing bad to be said about getting a good look, but that’s not what you want.

Q: Do we count the score?

A: Yes we do, but all accidental scores on your own basket count for 2 points, not for 3!

Since the shooter in this case is not considered to be a shooter as in the Act of Shooting, there will be no such thing as a bonus (or a bonus plus posession)

That means we get 2 points for the captain of the defensive team, and after that 2 shots plus posession for the player that got U-fouled.

We’ve had some people react to this situation we had in our Instagram stories. Basic line was: Difficult situation, I’d go home.
But now you know how to handle! So if it happens (and hey, if it happens on a worldcup it can happen everywhere!) you’ll be able to solve the situation according to the rules! Everything can be prepaired!

Disclaimer: Not everybody agrees on our answer: for the moment a U foul is called will change the status of the ball: it becomes dead, and a dead ball cannot score points.
But if a pass is thrown awkwardly  while somewhere else on the field a foul is committed , and that pass ends up in the hoop we think we count the score.

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