Protect the shooter!

Players are getting smarter and faster, so we as the designated referees should develop accordingly. That means we have to be aware of what happens when players are in the act of shooting. Shooters will try to make believe they were hit against the rules, but that is not always the case. And still we need to protect the shooter. A player in the air is vulnerable. If we don’t watch carefully players will get hurt. And to avoid that we have to protect the shooter.

Point of emphasis: A player in the act of shooting has the right to land on the same spot where he jumped off.

A player in the act of shooting can land on other places on the court in a straight line from where he jumped, as long as they are not occupied by other players the moment he jumped.

Check the video below and keep your eyes on the four F’s:

Foot- You have to check if the player is shooting from two or three point range
Foul- Is there a foul on the shot?
Fake- Is the player faking in order to trick us?
Floor- You have to know when player is back on the floor (end of AoS)

The bottom line is : protect to shooters, but penalize players that want to take unjust advantages.

Disclaimer: Yes, we know the text in this clip is Dutch. It’s a video made by Basketball Nederland (Dutch Federation) for instructions of their own referees and we think it’s a great video.

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