Preseason 2019-2020: Let’s go over the rules once again

On our instagramaccount we had a nice clip this week that caused quite some controversy. Check down below for the clip we’re talking about and ask yourself: Would you have called a backcourt violations?

Most of us would have called a back-court violation with our eyes closed so to say. As did I. Over 70% of the voters did, and some of them do really officiate in the higher leagues. But.. the situation in the clip is a perfect example of an example the OBRI! Let me present to you article 30.14

30-14 Example: A1 in his backcourt passes the ball to A2 in his frontcourt. A2 touches the ball which
returns to A1 still in his backcourt.
Interpretation: This is a legal play. A2 has not yet established control of the ball in his

Now… who of us will go to the ruletest that opens the season without seriously and thoroughly going to OBRI again?

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