Out of bounds!

We bet you guys recognize the situation in this play: you are on the lead position, and both teams battle for position as the ball goes out of bounds. If you are not 100% sure one of our editors often says: make a really strong gesture that old defense gets the ball and hope for the best. It’s not something you want to do six times a game , but if a player is blocking you, or you have a wave of less focus you can do it like that. That being said: What will you call in the clip below and most of all: WHY will you call it like that?

Eén gedachte over “Out of bounds!”

  1. That´s what it´s all about!! doesn´t matter which direction – it´s 40 minutes hard and precise work to take such decision in a tied game in the last minute – 40 minutes of work so that the guys trust you!! Or at least be sure that you don´t wanna cheat them 😉

    By the way: Think they are right with the direction after 3rd replay- if i was in that perfect position to take the call, i would expect no real help from the collegues if i´m not 100% sure… If i was not sure about it i would might have thought who “caused” the OOB with his intention and action – and gave the others the ball…

    Just my 2 cents….

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