Officiating’s Cool & Refsupplies: Friends for life

At Officiating’s Cool Headquarters we highly recommend everything and everyone that makes our job easier or better. That’s why we are proud partners of Refsupplies. Time for a little chat with one of the owners: Johan Smulders, who -together with his Belgium colleague Yves van Cleven- started this nice new company.

Smulders: ‘Some time ago I had trouble finding new whistles. In sportshops they are hardly available, and if you start searching online, you are bound to end up far far away, and finding high Quality is kind of a challenge to put it friendly.  ‘ Smulders, a more than  well respected official on the regional level and a refereecoach and observer on the national level adds: ‘ and more than just often we’ve heard colleagues complain about how difficult it is to get black ref shoes. We are looking for ways to solve that problem’

The idea of Refsupplies was a little bit born out of frustration, and as Smulders met his 3×3 collegue Yves van Cleven on a tournament where they shared toughts and Yves appeared to be thinking about a webshop, the partnership was born. ‘ For now we are focusing on basketball because we have a network in it. But you can imagine that in the future we will aim for Sporting officials with a near identical spectrum of needs: soccer, hockey, volleybal and so on.’   Smulders stresses: We don’t want to be the cheapest kid in town, we want to provide quality. No whistles that get literally blown to peaces after 10 games, or shoes that lose their support after three games. If people have special wishes, let them get in touch with us, we’d love to hear them.’  Jokingly he adds: ‘ Have people put Refsupplies in their bookmarks.’

The website is online and gives an indication of things to come.
‘ The smartest way is to get in touch through facebook or drop us a mail. We love hearing about your wishes. Supplies should make our jobs easier, and be quickly available. That’s why we are expanding our network of companies: England, Canada, Hungary, Serbia and off course: USA!’  he tells proudly.

Go see for yourself we can only say:


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