Offensive? flopping?? No call??? What will you do?

Contact does not have to be very hard to have an influence on the game. But we must avoid calling all contacts. Are you still following?
In the play down below we see a player with the ball, and the angle on the play for this one is far from ideal but let’s see there what your answers will be? What will you call?? offensive? Flopping?? No call??? Please be so kind as to tell you why you pick your call. #ifyoucantexplainitdontcallit

2 gedachten aan “Offensive? flopping?? No call??? What will you do?”

  1. Initial thought – no call and fake warning. Not enough in it to warrant an OF. So went back and looked a second time. Same decision. If you look at the defender he backs up, cops a small bump, backs up again, gets his balance then falls over.

  2. Offensive foul. Contact initiated by dribbler in two cases by extending the forearm. The second time the defender loses balance and falls.

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