Now what?

Very interesting clip from the game our hero Sam Subby has been clipping last week. Lots of things going on. More than just double foul /defensive foul? Possibly! We’d love to see what you guys would call in this situation. 

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  1. Now What ????
    It is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa … greate question.
    Can u tell me what for a clip we here see ???

    U put a small clip a … 45 seconds .. in 3 `th quarter off the WC Qualifire game the last one for Europena Chmapszzz .. Slovenia who does not go to the WC and the opponent is Latvia who has a chance for Qualifiying and afther the break and we see .. 12 points marging on the bord … on this site and want a reaction.

    Answer this and maybe i can get u a reason why i am asking this !!!

    And u asking the young freeeeking zebraaaaaaaaszzz .. Now What … ???

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