More info on EyeOpener Camp 2019

At officiating’s cool we are always looking to help referees improve. If you want to become a better referee there are lots of things you can do. Internet is stacked with clips and instructions. The only thing you need to make sure is you’re not watching clips or instructions with old rules like we did ourselves some days ago. Watching and analysing clips will help you recognize specific situations so you’ll be able to quicker blow air into your Blazza/Fuzion/Fox40Mini (all available through our friends at  ) and make the right call.

Another great way to improve is to attend camps. On refereecamps (we’ll do a bigger article on them later) you will line up with other refs wanting to improve, and will get feedback from experienced observers.

At’s 5th clinic in Berlin (april 18-22, 2019) the focus will be on mindful officiating and mental agility. Head of the clinic staff will once again be the famous Bob Bhania who told already a little bit of the program for this years event. ‘ I want refs to understand that the relationship they have with coaches and players is an Me and it relationship and the relationships with co-officials is me and you’

Coaches will be present at (nearly) all games and will use a different perspective from how observers act back home. Bhania again: ‘We’re not there to get you to a higher league or relegate you. The coaches will be focussing on points to improve rather than saying this or that is not good. We’ll always bring it in a constructive way’

Invitations will be available within a two weeks. Camp is open to all referees Early subscribers (before december 31) will get a discount on the subscription fee. If you want the invitation to be sent to you, drop us your e-mail adress at:

Coaching with a smile, and sometimes coaching the refs to smile.

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