Let’s help our friends!

Officiating’s Cool owes a reasonable part of the exposure to the Annual Eastercup in Moabit Berlin. In 2014 both our engines met and only five months later the first edition of the clinic took place.  In the following years the clinic (and the movement) developed in cooperation with our German friends, who got a big punch in the nose this year as Corona had the 2020 edition of the Eastercup cancelled.
As you can imagine there has been a great deal of financial consequenses for the LOC of the Eastercup. As the tournament was called off by the government , there was no income while reservations and payments were made in the preparation of the tournament. We at Officiatingscool.nl want to help.

The thing we invented is the following: We’ve ordered pens with our name on it. (photo above) and are selling those for EURO 1.50 + shipping.  Every order of 10 pens and above gets free shipping.  The money will go to the LOC of the Easter Cup to make sure in 2021 there will be another event and off course we hope to see lots of you people there!! Berlin is an awesome city and the tournament is a great way to spend your Easter weekend.

Drop us a line at info@officiatingscool.nl for your order and we’ll tell you how we’re going to get you these cool pens! Officiating is cool! Let’s spread the word!

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