Greencamp Refereetime big success!!

Diquelou with one of the mentors of the camp: Eddy Viator

Refereetime is a French website that aims to bring news for basketballreferees and helps them improve. One of the activities they organized recently was a refereecamp in Orly where new refs were schooled to start their careers, and other aspiring refs were mentored by big names such as Eddy Viator (Olympic finalists in Rio 2016) or Yohann Rosso (Olympics 2021).

One of the founders Lucas Diquelou looks back on the camp quite satisfied: ‘We had an awesome crew of referees that were looking to improve, and some new guys and girls that we were able to help build a solid base for the start of their career’.
The camp lasted a whole week and took place in Orly, near Paris. ‘The camp offered both physical as theoretical sessions’ explains Diquelou, himself a referee on the 2nd national level for Women despite being only 21 years old. ‘The mentors we had like Eddy or Yohann shared their knowledge in how to manage distress in games, and the importance of correct use of signals etc.’

Any plans for next year? ‘You always have to prepare for a next occasion’ Diquelou says with a broad smile. More info to be found on 

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