Get plays right! Baseline or two shots???

Baseline or two shots?

Luigi LaMonica is probably the best referee we have in Europe. If you have time just pick one of his games and run the tape, watching his movements, his signals, his teamwork, his communications. It’s really amazing. In this short clip we see him too. The question is pretty clear: Do you want to award baseline for the foul committed, or are you shooting two??

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  1. Loose ball, en beide springen uit hun cylinder.
    Het contact op de arm van de schutter is niet goed te zien, de optie non-call zou m.i. ook kunnen.

    1. I definitely agree with the foul call, I think that’s the easy part (sorry Wilbert! :))… The hard part is deciding whether blue had established enough control to be said to be in shooting motion when foul occurred: (great video Bas!)
      So taking a step back: on a layup or shot attempt we look for the gather to decide whether foul occurred during shooting motion. On a tap-in, by definition there’s no gather so how to decide? I would suggest: 1) did blue go up with one arm? Yes
      2) was hand pointing towards basket with fingers extended? Yes
      If so, likely it’s a legitimate effort to tap-in, hence as long as white gets to ball first, it’s a shooting foul, 2FT. Very hard to call in real-time with rim obscuring vision though!

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