Eyeopenercamp 2023: In 24 seconds

As we slowly stroll deeper into January we see our 6th edition of EyeOpener approaching rapidly. As you might have noticed it takes place from april 6th to april 10th in Berlin. In this article we take you quickly (in 24 secsĀ  šŸ˜‰ ) along a couple of reasons to subscribe.

Bob Bhania
The man eats sleeps and lives basketball. Went to several international tournaments such as Olympics and World Championships. But there’s so much more our headcoach as you can read in this interview. A truly inspiring and exceptional man who has mentored countless referees to the summits of their leagues and even higher. That is not to rule out referees that came to his camp and reached their own summit on their own level.

Making international refereefriends
International tournaments with international referees are almost guaranteed to help you make new refereefriends. Being together for several days doing what you love and learning from the best will connect you forever.

Berlin is a great city
Berlin is a great place to be. The tournament takes place close to the center of the city and there will be some time available to do a little sightseeing.

The International Easter Cup Moabit
The biggest International tournament in Germany has hosted participants from over more than 30 countries in the most recent editions. You will get to see teams from countries you’d never visit. Besides that the Eastercup has been awarded FIBA recognision which means some very strong U14 teams will come to battle for the win.

Different refereecoaches
Eyeopenercamp has different coaches. Varying from international prospects to referees with an extensive career in FIBA who in one case even made it to the Olympic Games of Barcelona 1992. Starting point in our coaching is: What went well?? That’s a different approach of what went wrong!! Don’t come and expect long videosessions. We come to help you in different ways!

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