Doo-Wop Friday! Charge/block/flop?

We still feel it’s kinda of a lyric from an unknown (or perhaps even unwritten) doo wop song: block/charge/flop ? What do you think of the clip Sam Subby selected??? And let’s be real: we’re not here to criticise the refs, we’d like to hear what YOU would call and why?

2 gedachten aan “Doo-Wop Friday! Charge/block/flop?”

  1. At the beginning of the situation, ad the referee i would call a flop.
    Then, on the drive, i would call a charge and not an obstruction.
    In fact, when the contact occurs, the defender is face to the opponent and has is 2 feet on the ground.
    Even if he takes the position just before the contact, the elements of time and distance don’t apply.
    Here is why I would call an charge.

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