Don’t be shy, let’s hear your opinion and tell us why

We always stress the importance of covering your violations well. In the next Sam Subby video we can see why it’s important. Will you go for a travel? Or do we have a charge block situation and if so: What’s your call?? Please take the time to explain your idea!

8 gedachten aan “Don’t be shy, let’s hear your opinion and tell us why”

  1. Achhhh .. Mr. Sam Subby has a great video made for us. Again.
    A bad call is made. One of the many in this game.
    Why offensive foul ???

    Look at the No Charge Semi Cirkle and the feet of the Def. player.
    Maybe i am seeing it wrong.

    1. Hi Wolff

      The no charge semi circle applies only when the offensive player is airborne (for a pass or a shot). Please do try again!

  2. Yep Officiatings Cool Dude.
    Dear Friend.

    I am the only Bigg Grey Bigg Wolff

    U`re absoluteley right.
    Please tell me
    When begins the Shooting Act ???
    And see this clip off Mr. Sam Subby and see the move of this Offens. Player . He makes a beautifull reverse dribble and … One ..two … and he is in Act off … yes i will hear u
    please … and the Deff. player is too late.

    As a Topp Reff … please do Rewardd the beatifull moves on the court and please Reward the Offensive beatifull move like this on the court.
    Right ???

    If u did see this whole game then u will be seeing it that this Top Reffs of Euro League
    made many mistakes in this game. This was one of the big mistakes. What i saw.

    Now u see only a clip off 10 seconds and lots off replays off
    Mr. Subby.
    If u have the chances too see this game on InterNet please do see it back. I saw this game back
    then LIVE on Tele.

    Maybe i`m too old and grey.

    1. Hi Grey Wolff

      The act of shooting and being arborne are two different elements in our sport. The act of shooting has absolutely nothing to do with the no charge semi-circle.

      Let’s try to not blame or criticise the referees in the clips we show.

      So once again: tell us what YOU would call and why.

      The colour of your hair and your age really have no value in your argument.

  3. Greate Coooool Duuuudddeee.

    Dear Friend.

    Live is not Black and White and allso a game and a decision in a moment
    off many a Reff takes in a game is not Black and White.
    Rigggght ….. right.

    The Value of the collor of my hair was that as u know i had Blondeeeed hair. Do the latets rain
    here in our froggy country has washedd my blonded hair a way so wat`s left iszzz .. old and
    grey hair. That`s the value off it.

    I thought i was cleare off my opinion in my 2 reaktions here abow.
    U wanted a Black and White answer from me and why ??

    Twooouu of my opinion here abow is cleare abbout why i think is it a baaaddd call
    in this situation and why.

    Black and White answer —> The def. player is tooooooooo Late …. a Def. Faul .

    Why —- >> The offens. player has and is all ready in shooting act.
    Why —- >> Shooting Act is all ready begon on is first step on the beatifull moooooooove
    off reveeeeeeerszzz dribbel and stepping off his first step is the offens. player is airboren.
    Right …

    So cooool duuudeee
    Dear Friend i do admire yourszzz passion for Officiatings is Cooool effort for our younger friends
    to be a great Reff.
    I will always help u out in any way i can when there are time and passion for it.

    As i mentioned … live is not Black and White and allso a game is not a clip from Mr Saaaaaam a 10 secooondeszz and many reeeeeeplayszzz.

  4. There is no travel because when B41 stop his dribble, he’s mooving and on his left foot which is step 0 here.
    He starts an act of shooting with his spin moove by puting the right foot on the ground (step 1 and pivot foot) and finally his left foot (step 2) which is legal.

    In fact, the defender is face to the attacker and has his 2 feet on the ground BEFORE the contact.
    He doesn’t position himself on the path of a player in the air.
    This defense is LEGAL.
    Even if he’s in the non-charge semi-circle, the rule doesn’t apply because the shooter isn’t in the air.
    So that’s an offensive foul (charge).

  5. Dear Lucas.

    Yours opinion is read by the one and only The Bigg Grey Wolff.

    I do not agree with u.
    The window u do open is different window and opinion and I do respect it.
    Defensive dear Lucas … deff.
    Please do call a Deff. foul.

    1. Hello grey Wolf!

      As Lucas states the defense has LGP before the contact. The right call in this situation is an OFFENSIVE foul!!

      Kind regards

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