Cover your violations!

There are some ways to make life easier on court. The cool thing is we as a refereecrew can help ourselves a lot. To make a long story short a motto (copyright by our coach Paul van den Heuvel)  ‘ Cover your violations!’ Roughly said there are two occasions in a basketballgame where we are supposed to act and blow the whistle: fouls (in all kinds of versions) and violations.

I hope everybody agrees that fouls are limited to five every game. Let that sink in for a moment: every foul you call means you as a refereeteam take 20% of a players life in that game. Read it again and let it sink in. And take it along into your preparation for the next match: What happens if i start gambling on fouls? I take 20% of a players life.

Then there are violations. Let’s see what the rules tell us.

A violation is an infraction of the rules.

Since we’re not yet paid to educate refs we’re not going to get into every single violation there is in the rulebook. But we do want to mention some, so you’ll continue reading this blog with some examples in mind: second dribble, traveling, three seconds, eight seconds. You need more? Didn’t think so.

Lets dive into a nice clip where we see a traveling violation. The refs do not call the travel, but do call the foul that comes after!

Let’s see this from the players perspective: offensive player commits a traveling violation, no call is made, and suddenly there’s the whistle. Foul on you! Twenty percent of your life taken away! G**$&@*@ We honestly think there’s never a good reason to verbally (or even worse:physically) abuse a ref, but eehrm…. I for one can imagine the frustration the defensive player feels.  Can you?

Another situation: no travel called. Buzzer goes, game over. There you are in game7 of the national finals. Moneytime and because of the not called violation you end up losing the game.

Do we feel the importance of covering the violations?? Do we feel the important of a seemingly small call?

Another one to take along as you chat with your partner(s) for next game. What do teams train during the day?? Do not make a mistake: even on lowest regional level players and teams spend a decent amount of time in the gym. Perhaps you still play yourself!  What’s the never ending topic of these trainings??

FUNDAMENTALS! Dribbling, passing, dribble start, catching etcetera.

If there’s any free time in your schedule for the coming weeks: Go and check out a game at let’s say: top regional level or better. Check what happens when refs call a foul and check what happens when refs call a violation.

You will notice that in most of the cases players and coaches focus on the refs that call the foul. Funny prediction: in most cases when a violation is called, they will start thinking: Hey did I do something wrong?? Players and coaching focus on themselves!

Still some free time?? Check another game and see if your collegues let the violation slide while calling the foul that follows. And see what happens.

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