Count it or not?

Those are the situations that get my mojo working! Even better than a special Belgium beer to spice up discussions among refereefriends. Charge (teamcontrol) or loose ball ??

Disclaimer: No IRS Allowed šŸ˜‰

3 gedachten aan “Count it or not?”

  1. What .. jour Mojo??
    That Belgium beer … if u have Kriek beer .. from Belgium than u get my Mojoo also working

    No IRS … it`s easy …
    Count the basket of Kusminskas and get One more for him for the nice move and action.
    Kuzminskas has all ready made his first step and . the def. is too late dear friend.

  2. Defense clearly has established position before offense takes off, so just like the refs in the tape I disagree with your call

  3. Agree too disagree but
    can i get my Belgium …Kriek Beer –)

    Thaaan u and me are loooking at the wrong clippp.

    Looooook at the first step off Kusminskaaazzz
    his Ri. foot than the defens make a stance .. than is Kusmiskazzz are Flaayingg
    Soo .. can i get my Belgium ..Krieeekk Beer — )

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