Charge/block – tell us what you have!

We all know the criteria right?? And as you start watching this clip for the first time, it’s easy to yell at your computerscreen/tablet : ‘Charge!’ .  We did too at headquarters.  Legal Guarding position, facing the opponent, contact on the torso (well… not very much contact perhaps but still)…

And then we checked the tape again… doubt setting in. In a few days our call will be online on this site. Check back to see our answer and reasoning behind it.

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  1. Love it! Why?
    Because my answer is like this:

    My call is depending on my position as a ref.
    My 1st decision was clear charge.
    Then there here were 2 angles with slomos:
    in the trail slomo: Still clear charge, good call.
    Lead slomo: Legal guarding position in time, but would there be contact without changing position?
    Defence player adjusted a bit, and this is the reason for contact from this angle.

    Perfect example to discuss good positions of referees with our growing referees, Thanks for this.

  2. Great video!
    Points I noticed:
    1) perhaps some push-off contact by defender’s right arm => inconclusive
    2)lead camera (from under basket) seems to show defender’s left foot in air (t=59s), moment of contact less clear. Vice versa trail camera shows contact clearly (t=42s), but less clear whether left foot raised prior to contact or because of it.
    But even if defender did have both feet on ground, and hence established LGP prior to contact, had they established LGP prior to offensive player jumping? I would argue no, as this is precisely why they needed to shift their left foot and move their body diagonally, moving into the path/landing zone of an already air-borne player.
    3) Playing devil’s advocate, I think strongest argument for offensive foul is actually white’s protruding knee (t= 42s). Compare a recent Champions League “Tough Calls” video on this same point: and the explanation “…The contact created by Blue 3 against White 17 with his right knee (outside his cylinder) is not a normal body contact during a lay-up and it is considered illegal…”

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