Charge/block chapterrrrrr….

We are back after some busy days on a number of levels. And what better way to get the weekend started than another episode of: Charge/block ???
Let’s hear it and please explain your decision!

2 gedachten aan “Charge/block chapterrrrrr….”

  1. Defender does not seem to be moving forward and seems to have a legal defensive possition, which means to me that he is defending well. The attacker however, he can expect a defensive player there, and hit’s him right in the middle of the defensive player’s chest. Attacker seems to be responsible for the contact. Therefore, charge. Great ref’s call!

  2. Yes, there it´s no way/reason to make it blocking foul. So if you call it, it must be a charge, and i think yes, that´s the right spot….

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