Rebounding, the spark that can cause a fire

Rebounding situations can often lead to difficult times for the referees. Some of us (I’m not saying you all as our respected followers, but we all know colleagues who do right? šŸ˜‰ ) have a tendency to look where the ball is going, regardless of where their Area of Responsibility will tell them to look.
It’s easy to miss a push, a shove, an elbow that’s flying around.
Here’s another clip from some years ago. Game 1 of the playoff finals in Holland. Do you have anything in this situation? Or will you continue play? Please share the reasoning behind the decision.
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Carry or no call?

We saw it quite a lot over the summer in the different youth tournaments and upon preparing the new season we caught it in this old game tape as well. In the clip below you’ll see the ball handler dribbling across mid court. The ball at some point comes to rest in the hands of the dribbler. Will you be calling it? Or do you think: Play on?
We’d love to hear your view and the reasoning behind it!
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OBRI time!

It’s time to download your copy of OBRI again and start reading and memorizing. Stuff that’s not very likely to happen will not not happen. And there’s no better we to be prepared than to start preparing in time. Like today.
In the clip below we have a nice situation. Would love to hear your takes on it. Is it backcourt yes or no? šŸ™‚
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Travel yes or no?

Are we always aware of the player having established pivot-foot yes or no? It’s an important factor in calling the travel yes or no. Better said: in deciding weather a traveling violation has been committed before your very eyes.
In the clip below we’re going back some years to a playoff final. The center for the red team gets the ball. And then….
AS always: share with us what your decision would have been and why so. Nasty remarks towards the refs in the clip will get you banned. Lees verder “Travel yes or no?”

Pass n crash or legal play?

Officiating is cool! So please do show a smile once in a while!

As referees we should be looking at the bigger picture. That is: not only seeing where the ball goes, but also keep an eye on where players are going.
The case in this clip is nice example. A player penetrates and passes, just before knocking over an opponent. Or is the defense flopping? Do you think the play deserves a call? Or do you agree with the crew that said: play on?
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Travel call or legal play?

Sometimes the stuff we as refs are watching on the court happens so fast that we have issues determining what it is that we exactly saw unroll before our very eyes. It’s one of the reasons that IoT dictates to be distant to the play and steady while making the decision.
That being said let’s check out the clip down below and decide if we call a travel or not. Lees verder “Travel call or legal play?”

Elvis live on stage with Marziali and Alcaraz Moreno

The quarter finals in Greece are taking place today and the matchup of Poland and Germany certainly features an interesting crew from the point of view of our community. Elvis Binders-Coders from Latvia will take court with Silvia Marziali from Italy and Yasmina Alcaraz Moreno from Spain who will perform the tipoff.
The stream is to be found down below. Lees verder “Elvis live on stage with Marziali and Alcaraz Moreno”

Streamalert: Yesterdays news but still worth watching

Sometimes I wish this site and all that comes with it was my fulltime job… Yesterday being one of those occasions. In Heraklion Greece the U18 Womens division A has taken off and two of our community members were part of the crew for the game between Hungary and Lithuania. One of them even notified us but our first Monday after summer holiday just was too busy to get the stream online in time. That doesnā€™t mean itā€™s not interesting anymore today because the game between Hungary and Lithuania was very worth watching. Youā€™ll see Silvia Marziali from Italy taking on crewchief duties while Emma Perry (Great BIrttain( is in the crew too. Last but not least youā€™ll see Bojan Jovanic from Bosnia.
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