Back court violation or legal play?

I think it was backcourt. No it wasn’t. Yes it was , no it wasnt …

Even on video this one is a difficult situation. And that’s counted with repeat and slow-mo. Can you imagine being on court and having to make the correct decision??? Please do share your opinion with us! And tell us why you think you make the correct call!

2 gedachten aan “Back court violation or legal play?”

  1. Legal play
    #14 white gains ball controle because of the dribble
    Though he lost ball control after gaining it, it doesn’t count where the other team gains the ball.

  2. I think the guy jumping and catching the ball mid air – it is not backcourt violation as he must have all 3 parts over the half way line two feet and the ball. He started in the front court caught the ball, landed in the front right foot only and released the ball into the front court.

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