3PO Manuals

3po is Da bomb! Even if you don’t were amazing shirts like this Italian crew

Basketball progresses every day in skills and speed, a natural evolution of sport that takes place unconsciously. Thus, matches and even more so the refereeing has changed a lot over the last ten years.

High-level refereeing currently improves at the same rate as the game and higher performance standards are expected each year. The pace of change has led to the motto ′′ What yesterday was considered exceptionally good, today is considered standard quality and tomorrow below average quality “.
That’s why FIBA has released an Advanced 3 Mechanical Manual, representing a more exhaustive mechanic with which to achieve the success of basketball refereeing at the elite level.

To perform successfully at the highest levels of basketball, referees are expected to train and use this mechanic in every game. As an advanced content, referees are required to master first knowledge of the 3 PO Basic FIBA Manual to build a solid and lasting foundation.

Here’s the basic Manual




Here’s the advanced manual

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