Early Bird Discount is Running out

Today and tomorrow are the final days you can get a discount for subscribing to our Eyeoper Refereecamp. As you might have read before: For the sixth time the International Eastercup in Moabit Berlin will host a refereeclinic and just like in previous years Bob Bhania wil highlight the staff. The tournament and the clinic take place from April 6th to April 10nd 2023. Officiatingscool.nl will take care of organising the event in cooperation with the Lions from Moabit. Please consider this article the invitation. Lees verder “Early Bird Discount is Running out”

New Rules 2022 (Video)

We’re almost halfway the season so most people will be aware of the changes that were made to the rules of our sport. That doesn’t mean we should not share the excellent video Referee University made about the rulechanges with you. Down below the excellent work they’ve put up. Watch and learn and be ready to get better! Lees verder “New Rules 2022 (Video)”