Goaltending Interference or no call?

It’s about once on twice in a season that I have to make a decision like in the clip below. The higher level your games are, the higher the players will jump and then there will be situations where they end up making a goaltending violation. Or an interference. Or none of that all and its a legal play.
So come with us to the Southern Dutch village of Weert for the next episode and tell us what you’ll call and why?
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Rebounding , the spark that can cause a fire (2/ )

A little while ago we used this same caption for a rebounding situation. As referees we need to be aware that players will push or shove their opponents out of position, most likely with a body part that is not in our normal view. So it’s important to recognize how players will react when being pushed. And off course we need to be able to distinguish a real push from a fake.
Taking you guys back in time to 2018 again for a rebounding situation that led to a foul being called. We’d love to hear your opinions: Would you have called it and if yes: Why? Or would you have swallowed your whistle?? Please share with us why. Lees verder “Rebounding , the spark that can cause a fire (2/ )”

Lets keep an eye on the shot clock

Let’s train ourselves in preseason to always keep an eye on the shot clock. And be clear to the crew behind the table: an offensive board means 14 seconds on the shot clock! There are still crews that are surprised if you tell them. In the situation below we have a shot that seems to end in a lot of mumbo jumbo. But then the shooting team gains control of the ball again. What does that do for the shot clock? Let’s hear it in the comments and please help our rookies and share the reasoning behind it. Lees verder “Lets keep an eye on the shot clock”

Last nominated for first FIBA Final

Dutch referee Tijmen Last, working his third FIBA tournament this summer in Skopje North Macedonia with the boys U16 A division has received a steller nomination to top off his summer. At 21.00 tonight he’ll be part of the crew that gets to officiate the final between Lithuania and Spain.
Lithuania so far boasts a perfect record while Spain opened with a loss and after that went perfect. Crewchief tonight is Serbian referee Nemanja Ninkovic while Styling Symionidis from Greece is the third part of the crew.
The game can be seen through the link down below: Lees verder “Last nominated for first FIBA Final”

Rebounding, the spark that can cause a fire

Rebounding situations can often lead to difficult times for the referees. Some of us (I’m not saying you all as our respected followers, but we all know colleagues who do right? 😉 ) have a tendency to look where the ball is going, regardless of where their Area of Responsibility will tell them to look.
It’s easy to miss a push, a shove, an elbow that’s flying around.
Here’s another clip from some years ago. Game 1 of the playoff finals in Holland. Do you have anything in this situation? Or will you continue play? Please share the reasoning behind the decision.
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Carry or no call?

We saw it quite a lot over the summer in the different youth tournaments and upon preparing the new season we caught it in this old game tape as well. In the clip below you’ll see the ball handler dribbling across mid court. The ball at some point comes to rest in the hands of the dribbler. Will you be calling it? Or do you think: Play on?
We’d love to hear your view and the reasoning behind it!
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OBRI time!

It’s time to download your copy of OBRI again and start reading and memorizing. Stuff that’s not very likely to happen will not not happen. And there’s no better we to be prepared than to start preparing in time. Like today.
In the clip below we have a nice situation. Would love to hear your takes on it. Is it backcourt yes or no? 🙂
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Travel yes or no?

Are we always aware of the player having established pivot-foot yes or no? It’s an important factor in calling the travel yes or no. Better said: in deciding weather a traveling violation has been committed before your very eyes.
In the clip below we’re going back some years to a playoff final. The center for the red team gets the ball. And then….
AS always: share with us what your decision would have been and why so. Nasty remarks towards the refs in the clip will get you banned. Lees verder “Travel yes or no?”