Out of bounds yes or no?

We like to say: always expect the unexpected as a referee. You and your partner(s) are there to know the rules and to make sure everybody plays according the OBRI. Players and coaches, even on the higher levels are not always aware of what the rules are. How is that for us??
Check the following clip and let us know: Out of bounds or not? And what can we say about the actions of the refs? Please keep in mind: these clips are only meant to learn from each other, not to put the refs in question down!  Lees verder “Out of bounds yes or no?”

What do you have? -18-

This clip is so cool we’d almost set up a teams meeting to discuss it in an online session. As shown at the start of the clip we can pick like four or five different things in this situation, depending on how you interpret the situation. So upon giving your call we’d love to read your reasoning behind it.
Lees verder “What do you have? -18-“

Are you calling it or not?

Last week we talked a little about violations and how they make life easier on court for you guys as referees. We hope a lot of you went to check a game, being it in the gym or even on youtube. Did you see the difference in reactions the crews got when calling violations or when calling fouls?
That being said, in the following clip there’s a clear situation -we think. Are you calling the travel or are you allowing the score? Please explain why you pick a certain decision, because: If you can’t explain it, don’t call it!
Lees verder “Are you calling it or not?”

What do you have? -17-

Not every contact should warrant a whistle, but in order to keep control over the game you don’t want to swallow your whistle too much. In the situation below there’s some contact. But will you call it?? Or will you not?? And why do you opt for one option or the other?? We’re looking for explanations to your decision here. Cause if you can’t explain it, don’t call it! Lees verder “What do you have? -17-“

AOS yes or no?

It’s important we know how to act in tight games. Especially in those situations where the line between being in the act of shooting or not is a thin one. This clip shows a situation in a very tight game in moneytime where the refs make a decision. We’re not here to act like a bunch of nono’s towards our respected collegues, but do we agree on the decision or do we not?? Let’s agree to share your reasoning behind your decision! Lees verder “AOS yes or no?”

Websession 3po! #mechanics

One of the pro’s of 3 person officiating is that the crew has better angles on the play, and therefor can serve the game by making better decisions. If you ask us it’s not the only pro. Being on court with 2 friends is better than with just one 😉
Fiba Asia did a great session on mechanics in 3po. It’s not covering every single situation you will meet but it gives a nice start. If you really want to learn it i’d suggest you drop us an e-mail. We can notify you as soon as our eyeopener camp has a date for the upcoming edition. Lees verder “Websession 3po! #mechanics”

Always a pleasure when that happens

In my own games I not seldomly say to myself: wish I had IRS. Out of bounds situations are sometimes more difficult than calling a foul or a violation. For instance: check this clip and let’s see what’s your decision. Got any tips for the crew to handle situations like this?

And be honest guys and girls: Do you talk about out of bounds situations in your pregame? Lees verder “Always a pleasure when that happens”