Bonus or….

We’ve stated before that covering your violations will make life a lot easier on the court. And we even dare stating teams will be thankful for that. Check the following clip and share your call and the reasoning with us. Do you award the bonus?? Or did you see something else? If you award the bonus, what will be the defensive player’s reaction if it’s his fifth foul??
Lees verder “Bonus or….”

Foul yes or no?

In the clip below we see a drive to the basket and a situation that has one of the coaches lose his mind. Luckily we can replay the play over and over again to understand and dissect what is happening. That way we will be familiar with the situation once it happens in our own games. What will you do in this drive situation? Foul yes or no?
Lees verder “Foul yes or no?”

Out of bounds teamwork

At least one thing will be talked about in the pregame for our preseasongame tonight. It’s out of bounds mechanics. Especially if you’re blocked by some players it’s wise to see if your collegue who might have had an open look is agreeing with you on the play. That way things like in this clip will not take place.  How do you solve situations like this?
Lees verder “Out of bounds teamwork”

Charge block chapterrr…

We love it. Charge/block situations. And judging from the number of viewers on the charge/block clips you’ve found on this website we’re not alone here.
This one is an interesting clip for a kind of a difficult situation. Off course: a lot of our followers are doing 2po games, but the situations still occur. So what do you call and why?
Lees verder “Charge block chapterrr…”

What will you do?

We hope you guys at least have invitations for some upcoming preseason games or tournaments. A whole lot of our community has been inactive during last season as a whole bunch of leagues were halted due to pandemic shizzle. So let’s get our feeling for the game back. What do you guys think about the next situation?? Is it a blocking foul? is it a no call?? Perhaps something else???
As always: if you can’t explain it: don’t call it. So share why you think it’s either one or the other. Lees verder “What will you do?”

Let’s get better together!

We’ve seen a lot of traffic for our last post about normal foul or U foul.  That’s good , because if people are working to get better, we’re going to have better refs, that enjoy their tasks better. And if (young) players see refs having fun, they might as well think: hey, officiating is cool. I want to do that too!

Here’s another one for you guys: normal foul or U-foul? Lees verder “Let’s get better together!”

U fouls vs Normal fouls

We can not stress enough the importance of watching clips. Through the clips (and if you find interesting ones you’d like to share please let us know!) you will learn to understand what’s happening exactly in a play, and by reasoning your decision you will get a better grip on how the rules are. And  like that you’ll be able to make better calls in your own games. So let’s make eachother better and share your opinion with us. Are you going for a U foul or for a normal foul in this situation??? Jokes aside: this one is not a situation for a no call. Lees verder “U fouls vs Normal fouls”

What would you decide in this situation?

If you can’t explain it, don’t call it!

We’re guessing everybody that follows us is familiar with the (not so new anymore) criteria for Unsportsmanlike fouls right? The thing is that sometimes refereecrews, being it 2po or 3po, are not on the same page as far as it comes to awarding the U-foul. We’re curious in the case below: would you call a normal foul or a U-foul and why?
Lees verder “What would you decide in this situation?”