What will you call and why?

We can go on and on about covering your violations and how that makes life easier on court, but sometimes its smarter to let the images do the talking. As stated before clips are a great way to really break down things that happen on a court and thus make them part of your ROM-disk. (Referee Only memory ­čśë ) Lees verder “What will you call and why?”

Traveling (refresh/Repost)

Silvia Marziali Photo by @luigicanuph

We cannot stress enough that it is important to understand what’s happening on court. The good thing with clips is that you can play them over and over to get them in your system. This video from the Italian Federation is very useful, even if you don’t speak the language. We have several Italian followers so it is with great pleasure that we salute the makers of this video. Lees verder “Traveling (refresh/Repost)”

And suddenly the player is on the floor, looking at you in disbelief

But if looks could kill,There’s a man there who’s more down as dead.

We bet there’s not a ref who does not recognize the situation filmed in the clip. Your covering off ball like never before, and a player from the offensive team comes into the paint, falls down and looks at you in disbelief. Are you aware of what happened and are you sure you got it covered?? What would you do in the follwing situation? Once again: we are not looking for just a call… we are looking for explanations. Let’s train ourselves in explaining what we call. Because ‘If you can’t explain it, don’t bother calling it’

Lees verder “And suddenly the player is on the floor, looking at you in disbelief”

What will you call?

The situation in the next clip is one we all recognize from our own games (we hope).┬á Do we call a block or is the defense legal on the next play? And remember: explain what you call, that way you will help our other followers understand what’s happening in the play, and that way we can all help eachother improve our performance! Lees verder “What will you call?”

Cover your violations!!

We have stated many times before that it is extremely important to cover your violations. If a foul gets called after we have (by accident) ignored a violation, we are doing the defense harm. And it’s less costly to make a mistake on a violation, than on a foul, because if you call a foul, you take away 20 percent of the players lives! Can you imagine the frustration of a player? Check the clip below and see for yourself. Disclaimer: the clip is not shown to roast the referee, it is to understand what happens in a play and how you all can improve because once again: calling the violations will make your life easier on court. Lees verder “Cover your violations!!”

Thin lines, but we need to understand what and why!

Sometimes the line between making a call and swallowing your whistle for a no-call is very thin. And if you make a call, the line between offensive and defensive is very thin. As is the case in the clip below. We’d love to hear your opinion on the play, so share your decision and most of all: don’t be shy, please tell us why?
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Tell us what you have?

Don’t you just hate it when it happens like in this clip here below?? You have great position, ball goes out of bounds and you point in a direction. You are so confident that you saw it correctly but bodylanguage of the players seems to indicate the ball should have gone the other way.┬á What do you do in this situation?
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What’s your decision?

You guys seem to be enjoying the clips we put on. The views are going through the roof these days!┬á So here’s another one from last years Worldcup. We sincerely hope to be able to watch games soon with people in the stands, cuz it looks much more like the real thing to us. But what do we take from this one?? What’s your decision?
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