How to activate your body! #websession

Sometimes we see refs reluctantly warming up before the games they are about to do. Two or three laps jogging and that’s it. Refereeing is, just like playing , an athletic event. Besides that: players take their sport seriously by warming up sometimes more than 40 minutes. What kind of impression are we as refs making if we warm up just a few minutes before the game and not even in the break between 2nd and 3rd quarter. Refs Evolving Digitally did a great session about activating your body before during and after the game. Let’s take this time-out a lot of us are having and get better in what we love doing! Eighty minutes well spent! Great job guys! Lees verder “How to activate your body! #websession”

Chances for ambitious lady referees!

MIES (Switzerland) – The third cycle of FIBA Game Officials Licensing gets underway this month with a special emphasis on the promotion of female referees.

There is also a new timeline for candidates to register for the 2021-23 cycle.

The registration period begins October 15, 2020, and runs until March 31, 2021, and it is during this time when candidates must be registered, tested and ultimately verified. The list of approved FIBA Game Officials will be announced by mid-June 2021 and the Licensed Period 2021-23 will commence on September 1, 2021.

The commitment to female referees is being made as part of the Women in Basketball strategic objective. FIBA has allocated dedicated License allocations for female referees to each eligible National Federation. Lees verder “Chances for ambitious lady referees!”

What will you do? 2 questions!

There’s another clip from Milan Matic we want to share with you. The question is quite simple: Personal or unsportsmanlike foul ? as stated in the title. We’d like to add another question. As you can see the coach of the team on offense is quite dramatic in expressing his opinion. What do you do about a coach (or a player, or a substitute) who is that explicit in asking for an unsportsmanlike foul? If anything 🙂 So I hope we will get lots of replies with 2 answers! Lees verder “What will you do? 2 questions!”