Websession: 3 PO officiating

One of the pro’s of 3 person officiating is that the crew has better angles on the play, and therefor can serve the game by making better decisions. If you ask us it’s not the only pro. Being on court with 2 friends is better than with just one ­čśë
Fiba Asia did a sessoin on mechanics in 3po. It’s not covering every single situation you will meet but it gives a nice start. If you really want to learn it i’d suggest you drop us an e-mail. We can notify you as soon as our eyeopener camp has a certain date for the upcoming season. Lees verder “Websession: 3 PO officiating”

Backcourt or legal play?

What’s your decision?

You always have to be prepared for everything as a referee. One of the main contributors to our preparation for the season is clipping hero Sam Subby. The question is quite clear: in this clip: are you calling violation (backcourt) or legal play?Our decision will follow in a few days, so check back Lees verder “Backcourt or legal play?”

IoT nader uitgelegd

Onze aanname dat het begrip Individual Officiating Techniques (IoT) al goed bekend was bij iedereen bleek een wat te optimistische. Daarom de komende weken naar het seizoen toe korte toelichtingen op dit fenomeen dat FIBA geintroduceerd heeft om ons als scheidsrechters op het veld het leven een stukje makkelijker te maken.┬á Vandaag de eerste aflevering. Lees verder “IoT nader uitgelegd”

IoT Manual

Individual Officiating Techniques! Photo: Elio Castoria

We assume most of you have heard about Individual Officiating Techniques by now, but perhaps some have missed the official explanation by their comittee. FIBA is there to help and they have put together a handout about individual officiating techniques. Applying these techniques will most certainly help you improve your game, so why not give it a try as long as we’re in preseason. You might like what you see ­čśë . Lees verder “IoT Manual”

Unsportsmanlike fouls bij Karim Zoulfikar #WEBSESSION

We all want to get better than we were the game before (at least, we at headquarters of Officiating’s cool do) so whenever there’s a chance of learning from one of the FIBA Worldcup 2019 officials such as Karim Zoulfikar from Tanzania we take that chance, and are very willing to share the opportunity with our followers. So here’s another #websession, this one about Unsportsmanlike Fouls. There’s more to come, cause we see this content getting serious hits on our site. Thanks to FIBA Africa for the link. Lees verder “Unsportsmanlike fouls bij Karim Zoulfikar #WEBSESSION”

Constancy: A must, not a choice #WEBSESSION

If you ask players or coaches what is most important in a referee’s performance they won’t say the whistle needs to be black, or a foul needs to be called with the right hand in the air or something like that. They will say ‘constancy is key’. Our collegues at RED24 did a nice webinar on the topic: Constancy is a must, not a choice. Lees verder “Constancy: A must, not a choice #WEBSESSION”