FIBA takes important steps to increase opportunities for female referees

MIES (Switzerland) – FIBA is taking action to ensure there is an increase of licensed FIBA female referees around the world in the new cycle of the FIBA Game Officials Licensing (2021-23).

As part of one of the strategic objectives for the 2019-2023 cycle, Women in Basketball, measures are being put in place by FIBA’s Central Board that allows an extra female referee license allocation for every National Federation for the license period of 2021-23. The expectation is that there will be a 20-30% rise in the number of female licensed referees. Lees verder “FIBA takes important steps to increase opportunities for female referees”

From hero to zero? What do you think about the way the crew handles this situation?

Things can get ugly in a blink. In the following clip we see a situation escalate altho the refs at first seem to cooperate nicely, and make a beneficial call for the situation. Judging from the way things develop after that out of bounds situation the tension in the game did not leave any room for the way they solved the out of bounds. We’d love to read your opinions on the situation and how the crew handled it. Lees verder “From hero to zero? What do you think about the way the crew handles this situation?”

This is my preparation, how do you prepare??

We hope most of our readers are (more or less slowly) starting to think about the new season. As we all have been away from the game for a long time it’s smart to take moment and think about how you are going to prepare for the next season. We stumbled upon a digital session conducted by FIBA referee Julio Anaya headlined: ‘This is my preparation, and how do you prepare?’ . It apparantly was the first session for the new platform Referees Evolving Digitally. Lees verder “This is my preparation, how do you prepare??”

Webinar Unsportsmanlike fouls by Sretan Radovic

During this crazy long offseason we’ve seen several nice online startups appear, all aimed at sharing knowledge and improving referees. If anything good comes from COVID19 it should be that we as referees get closer to uniformly maintaining rules and regulations ;-).

Euroleague referee Sreten Radovic from Croatia went online to share his knowledge about Unsportsmenlike fouls.  If you have like 90 minutes, I’d say grab a coffee and check the lecture.
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