Unsportsmanlike fouls: C1

The key to recognizing plays in your own games, is probably having seen stuff before. That’s why we always try to be helpful by showing clips and invite you to talk things over with your refereefriends or online. This one is from the worldcup from last summer and as many clipped by Sam Subby. Lots of players immediately react with the U foul signal, while at first the refs seem to call a normal foul. With the help of IRS they decide to upgrade to U foul. Lees verder “Unsportsmanlike fouls: C1”

Normal or U foul?

Did it go in or…..?
Time for a little refresh on the matter of U-fouls. We know the rules have changed not that long ago, but sometimes we’re still searching for the right moment to make the right signal. As an example the game I did last weekend where I called a foul and I remember I was thinking: might be a U foul. Luckily my collegue assisted on the play and had the right view to make the right signal. I do have a tape of the game, so I might upload it later, but for now there’s a worlcup clip waiting (thank you Sam Subby!). So we’d really like to know: Would you call a U foul or a normal foul? (or even something else?)
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Charge/block chapter…..

We have a feeling that charge/block situations will continue to be a trigger for discussions as long as we’ll live. So no danger in promising it won’t be the last clip we’ll show you, thanks to our hero Sam Subby. This one is from worldcup, and as a bonus question for people that do know (or are learning) 3po mechanics: Who has the better look on it? Lead or trail? Lees verder “Charge/block chapter…..”

Tournament Talk (3)

As promised before we’d talk a little about tournaments. There is hardly a better way imaginable to meet other referee-maniacs such as yourself. For coaches it’s great to work tournaments because there’s an immediate option for the coachee to work with the feedback given. And hey: tournament refereeshirts add to the fun too right? Lees verder “Tournament Talk (3)”