14 seconds with: Léa Glattard

Officiating is cool and we’d like to give some attention to the people who bring out their best game every week and take their Molten/Fox40/Blazza to serve the game of basketball. In this edition we’re going 14 seconds with Léa Glattard.

14: Who are you, where you from, and what level do you officiate?
‘I’m Léa Glattard. I live in Lyon, France and I do games on regional level and on university level. ‘

13:  Do you remember the first game you ever did? Tell us something about it
‘Well my first game was with my club. I was U13 and had to call an U9 game. At first i was afraid to blow the whistle, was afraid to make the signals and make mistakes.  Luckily I had a good collegue, who helped me overcome those fears.’

12:  When did you discover: Hey, officiating is cool, and went on to take it more seriously?
‘ My brother and mother are also referees. They influenced me a lot. They had a lot of fun officiating, and I wanted to do it too. People often say referees are a family. I can confirm that hahaha.’

11: Tell us about your best game ever?
‘ I don’t really have a game that stands out yet. But my best experience was at the Open de France 3×3. That was the first time I did games on a higher level than I was used to, or that I even dreamed of. That was a great experience.’

10: Tell us about your biggest blunder?
‘ That would be the day I forgot my refereeshoes. I was glad to bring my playershoes, but ehm… they were flashy pink. At least there was some colour on court that way haha.’

9: Describe what a  gameday looks like?
‘ Preparation starts the moment you get a nomination. As I don’t have my drivers license yet , the first thing I need to do is arrange the way of going to the gym and back. Might be by public transport, might be driving along with my collegue. Sometimes I even have my mother driving me. The day before I check out the standings in the league to get an idea of the way the game will turn out.

On gameday I make sure to be in the gym at least 45 minutes ahead of tip-off. My collegue and I go into the gym at the same time and we make sure to meet somebody from the home team. After putting on our outfits we go to the jury and the coaches to make a little small talk and we watch the warm-ups. After the game we talk with collegues and sometimes players and coaches too. I like to have feedback that I can think about on the way back home to keep on improving as a referee. There is no perfect game, s oI want to learn from every game and every mistake I make.’

8: What do you like about reffing?
‘ What I like in reffing is working with rules and values, and teamwork.  It’s a passion that has helped me gain confidence, helped me make contact easier, and improved my communication. I hav travelled all over France thanks to reffing, and met a lot of new people. The main thing I like is that reffing makes me stronger, and helps me take on the challenges of life with more confidence. ‘

7: Who’s your reffing-idol?
‘ I don’t have an special idol. I’d say that every ref can bring his experience to help us. I love the teaching and helping from Johann Jeanneau, the presence of Eddie Viator on court, and I have really learned a lot of Ahmed Ait Bari who encouraged me and put his faith in me and the perseverance and determination of Yohann Dall’Osto who is my mentor since I picked up reffing when I was 13’

6:  What tournaments do you recommend for refs?
‘ I really recommend to go and see the Leaders Cup in Disneyland Paris. It’s a big event on a great location during 3 days. It’s really cool! I’d also recommend the Open de France 3×3. It’s a different ballgame, but I love the sport and the culture. It’s even going Olympic for the next edition in 2020. ‘

5: Favourite pre-game meal?
‘ Eehm, I’d love to say I’d take Macedonian vegetables with tuna and make believe I really pay attention to eating healthy before the match. But I don’t.  So to be honest I’d like puree with ham. I do like to eat after games better than before. I do not really like reffing with a full stomach. ‘

4: Favourite movie?
‘ My alltime favourite movie doesn’t have anything to do with basketball, is that a problem? I’ve always combined basketball and dancing in my life, so the best movie I know is about my second passion: Dirty Dancing. ‘

3: Best book you can recommend?
I really love fantasy stories or sci-fi. My best book is ‘ La Quête des livres Mondes’ by Carina Rozenfeld. It’s about two young kids who are from another world, and they have wings growing on their backs. I like the way it’s written. It brings me to another world. I like also police romans from Mary Higgins Clark. She évoques a lot of emotions in her readers reading her books.

2: Any artists you’d like to recommend?
‘ No not really. I think there a so many differents genres and different styles It’s hard to pick anybody special.’

1: Finish this one: Officiating is cool because…
‘ It’s a great way of meeting new people with the same passion. Refs are like a family that shares both values and unforgettable experiences. Every game is a new experience and hey without a ref there’s no match, and without a match there’s no sport.’

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