What do you have? -22-

The great thing about 3po is , besides the obvious 2 friends on your court with you is better than one friend on your court, that more eyes will see more. As a refereeteam you’ll notice that in 3po you’ll have more time to decide what’s an infraction on the rules and what is not. Not to mention the better angles.  A big if in all this is: all those adventages are only applicable IF you don’t all watch the same spot on the court. That being said: Do you have a blocking foul, a offensive foul ,  a flop or a no call in this case?
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Charge block orrr…..

Even with a serious heatwave going on we can never get enough of the eternal discussion: charge/block.   The clip from NL Basketball shows a nice situation, where one could even go for a no call (as some did).
So from your opinion, what are you having here and why??? Please take your time to state the why. That way we can all learn from eachother.
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No call or not?

We need as referees to be aware of the impact of our whistle. In order to make the right decision we need to be in the right spot to see what we need to see. And upon witnessing the play unfold we need to realise what’s happening before our eyes and decide: Call it or not?
That’s why we put a heavy emphasis on watching clips such as the one below. Do you call anything and if so : Why??
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Tournament news

If you are by any chance looking for a chance to officiate some games with FIBA referee Ksenya Romanyuk we might have news for you. There is an option and its coming soon.

We would like to point your attention to the Euro Youth Basketball Cup which will be held at 17th – 19th of June 2022 in Barcelona.
The Euro Youth Basketball Cup has became the biggest and most important international tournament in Spain with the participation of 75 teams from 20 different nationalities.
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Do we have a foul??

In officiating we have a special power. We can decide to not blow our whistles in a certain situation. The power of a no call implies we understand very well what’s going on. We need to be in the right place to observe what is happening, and discover that the minor incidental contact did not influence the outcome of the play.  Even after some 20 years in the business: tricky and sometimes after a play where I swallowed my whistle I just feel sad because the reactions of players involved tells me I should not have kept quiet. More often than not in such situation it’s a matter of position and having an open look or not.  It gives me some homework for the upcoming off season to rewatch games, and watch clips as down below. Question : Do you call a foul or not, and in both cases: Why? Lees “Do we have a foul??” verder

Fake or foul??

We as referees need to be aware that sometimes players will try to trick us into calling a play the other way. And off course sometimes it looks like they are tricking us, but we are a little bit out of position so the play is not what it seems to be. With all that in mind let’s check this clip from Basketball Nederland and find out what is happening. Are we witnessing a foul or a fake? And why do you think so?
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Violation yes or no?

Covering your violations as a refereeteam is one of the major assets you have in taking control of your game. That being said we do not promote blowing your whistle like a overhyped cowboy in the Wild West.
Let’s check the clip down below and see if you would blow your whistle. The yes or no is less interesting than the reasoning behind it.
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